New home needed for victim’s loyal dog

IPSWICH: He is the loyal pooch who stayed by the side of his owner after he was brutally murdered.

Woolfie kept guard on hairdresser Simon Amers’ body for around two days last July, barking to raise the alarm after the 36-year-old was stabbed to death by Rodney Greenland in a frenzied attack.

In the wake of the tragedy friends of Mr Amers took Woolfie in.

But today they, along with the RSPCA, are appealing for new owners for Woolfie.

The plucky mutt has specialist needs after an accident when he was just eight weeks old left him incontinent.

His handler at the RSPCA centre in Martlesham, Sam Boast, said Woolfie is “a happy little dog, so sweet, very affectionate and easy to train”.

She said he needs a special home, like a farm, or somewhere he can spend a lot of time with his owner outdoors.

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Because of the injuries he suffered when he was a puppy, Miss Boast said he can be a bit wobbly on his feet but runs around and loves to play.

She said: “He has had a sad start to life. He is a very loving dog and needs a home where he can spend a lot of time outside, perhaps live in a kennel.

Ailya Mohammad, a friend and former housemate of Mr Amers, who owns Woolfie’s mum and sister, said when she looks at Woolfie all she sees is Simon. “He was my best friend, the best person I knew,” she said.

“Woolfie means everything to me, but I already have my own dogs and just can’t look after him as well. I want a better life for him, he is a great little dog.”

If you can help give Woolfie a new home, call Miss Boast on 01473 623280.