New journeys from station

IPSWICh: While on the subject of trains, there are going to be some very unusual destinations for trains from the station over the next few months.

Those of us who like taking rail excursions have become used to trips to places like York, or Newcastle, or even Carlisle over the famous Settle route.

But this year local excursion company Nenta is taking trains to places as varied as Aberystwyth and Swanage in Dorset.

I’m looking forward to the Swanage trip - the resort was left without a railway in 1972 but the 10-mile line to Wareham was rebuilt by enthusiasts over the last 20 years.

I actually visited the town on holiday back in the early 90s and went on a 400-yard trip in Swanage station.

That means it will be rather special to head back there on a full-length train!

While that’s a first for NENTA, I’m told the trip to Aberystwyth could be a first and last - apparently the line in Wales is due to be resignalled and it might not be possible to take long trains on it in future.

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From what I’ve heard that would be a shame - the line through mid Wales is one of the most attractive in the country.

Maybe I’ll have to try to get a day pass from Mrs T for that as well!