New license application from Isaacs on the Quay will not mean late night disturbances

Isaacs on the Quay

Isaacs on the Quay - Credit: Archant

The manager of a popular waterfront bar has moved to allay fears a new licensing application could mean an increase in late night noise.

Isaacs on the Quay has begun the process of getting a new license in order to comply with new legislation on playing live or recorded music, according to general manager Nathaniel Coughlan.

However other businesses with an interest in the development of the waterfront have expressed concerns the license would allow the bar to open as late as 1am.

Janet Norris, manager of estate agents Riverdale Estates, said it would affect the living conditions of nearby residents.

“If your bar is in a residential area 1am is totally inappropriate.

“If there is live music that is going to be noisy to start with and you’re going to have people going home at one in the morning.

“We manage a lot of properties in the area and landlords are outraged.”

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These comments were echoed by Regis Crepy, owner of Mariners restaurant who was concerned about disturbances “from drunken behaviour” in general on the waterfront, something he said has been a problem in the past.

Robert Gough, managing director of Gough Hotels which owns the Salthouse Harbour Hotel, said the growth of the waterfront had to be managed carefully.

“Ipswich has the potential to develop into one of the finest waterfront towns in England,” Mr Gough said in a statement.

“However we need to grow the right balance of business/retail as well as encourage the investment in new residential developments.

“I want a vibrant night-time economy but I see this license as a threat to the environment of the Waterfront and a potential hindrance to the economic development of the area.”

Speaking about his business’ application Mr Coughlan said there would be no changes to current opening or alcohol serving times and only a small extension to when music could be played outdoors.

Currently it must stop at 7pm and although Isaacs could get an extension until 11pm Mr Coughlan said it would be voluntarily limited to 9pm except for some special events.

“We have to follow a process and it’s all part of the process,” he said. We have the feedback from our neighbours and that will be addressed.

“We are undertaking a very exciting development for the benefit of not only ourselves but also the waterfront.

“Anyone who has any concerns, I would urge them to contact us.

“We certainly have nothing to hide, it’s a very open consultation.”