New look for busy junction

IPSWICH: One of the busiest junctions in town will be worth avoiding during the second half of the year while rebuilding work is under way.

The Duke Street roundabout is to be swept away and a new junction is to be created – controlled by traffic lights.

Traffic from Back Hamlet will no longer be able to join Fore Hamlet at the junction – it will become a one-way street for traffic heading out of town.

And traffic heading into town along Fore Hamlet will not be able to turn sharp left into Duke Street – it will be directed along Pownell Road.

Traffic from Duke Street will have to turn left into town, there will be no right turn up Fore Hamlet.

The major work at the junction is due to start in about two months’ time – shortly after the Suffolk Show – and should be completed by the end of the year.

A spokeswoman for the county council warned there could be disruption while the work is underway and urged motorists to find alternative routes into the town centre where possible.

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She said: “This work will be done over the school summer holidays when the amount of traffic falls anyway but it will be difficult for drivers – and it will be an area to avoid if possible.

“We are sorry but there is no way to rebuild a junction and not cause problems while the work is underway – but it should make things flow a lot easier once it is completed.

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