New look for Sarah

She's a slip of her former self and after losing an amazing five stone in a year has gained a new found confidence.

SUFFOLK: She's a slip of her former self and after losing an amazing five stone in a year has gained a new found confidence.

Now she's in training for her next challenge alongside thousands of competitors at the largest triathlon in the world.

Full time mum Sarah Ambrose struggled to shift the weight she put on during pregnancy, but after the birth of her second daughter decided to transform her lifestyle.

The 20-year-old from Somersham said: “I felt like no one could help me. I didn't have the time to exercise, what with two children to look after.

“I looked in the mirror and thought this was it - I have to change.”

Miss Ambrose joined her local Slimming World group at Bramford Road Methodist Church, in Ipswich, and began on her journey to slimming success. A year on, she's five stone lighter than when she embarked on her weight loss challenge. “I feel fabulous and everyone compliments me,” she said. “I've found a new obsession in fashion and I love looking and feeling confident.

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“I can go for long walks with the kids and the dog and not have to stop because I'm out of breath. And I've started running, which I struggled to do before.”

As well as running, Miss Ambrose's hobbies now include swimming and cycling. Her new exercise regime is all leading up to when she takes her place alongside sister Sam at the starting line of the London Triathlon later this year. But she wants to shed another stone between now and the race.

Slimming consultant Angela Robertson has no doubts she will lose the weight. She said: “Sarah has always been so motivated and comes to classes in rain or shine.

“It's very hard when you have a lot of weight to lose but she has been a shining example of what can be achieved.”

Miss Ambrose had a few tips for anyone thinking about shedding some surplus pounds after an indulgent Christmas break. She said: “You can in fact eat what you want in proportion and still lose weight without sticking to a strict diet.

“If I fancied a steak I'd have it, and a dessert! I believe if you exercise plenty and eat sensibly your weight stays balanced.”

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