New road in Ipswich to be named after Afghanistan victim Private Aaron McClure

Aaron McClure

Aaron McClure - Credit: Archant

A new road in Ipswich is to be named after local soldier Aaron McClure who died in a “friendly fire” incident in Afghanistan in 2007.

Lorraine McClure whose son Aaron was killed in the Afganistan conflict

Lorraine McClure whose son Aaron was killed in the Afganistan conflict - Credit: Archant

Pte Mclure, 19, was a member of the Royal Anglians who died in August that year.

He was born and brought up on the Whitehouse estate in Ipswich, and was a student at Westbourne High School before joining the army.

A new road is being created off Ulster Avenue on the estate as part of a new development of council homes, and it is set to be named McClure Way.

The move will be discussed by the borough’s executive tonight and is not expected to encounter any opposition.

Borough councillor Alasdair Ross, himself an army veteran who served in Afghanistan, said it was important that the new road should be near the family home.

He said: “It’s right next to the Ulster Avenue shops. It’s where Aaron used to meet his friends and where people still remember him.

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“We had considered naming another road after him earlier – but we felt it was important to wait until there was an opportunity to name a road in a part of the town that he considered home.”

Aaron’s mother Lorraine, who still lives in the same home, said the family was honoured by the decision which meant a great deal to them.

She said: “This is something that will mark his name and we are very pleased about that. The Royal Anglians have been supporting this.

“I would like to thank the council for doing this for the family.”

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