New trench for the Cornhill in Ipswich

Work going on on Cornhill, Ipswich

Work going on on Cornhill, Ipswich

A new trench is to be dug by archaeologists trying to find out more about what lies beneath Ipswich Cornhill.

They are trying to find out more about the site at the heart of the town centre before redevelopment work starts on the Cornhill.

However the first trench, in front of the Town Hall and Manning’s pub has yielded little of interest.

A spokesman for the borough said: “There were some medieval post holes, not even the posts, and a few animal bones but that’s about it.

“That trench is now being filled in and there will be another one dug nearby – but we haven’t found anything that exciting.”

The Cornhill has been at the heart of the town for centuries, and experts had hoped there might be interesting finds to be made under the paving.

The area is due to be redeveloped once a new design is chosen – and the first drawings of the possible new look for the Cornhill are due to be published within the next two weeks.

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There will then be a chance for Ipswich residents and visitors to have their say on the proposals and work on the Cornhill itself is due to start next year.

The remodelling of the Cornhill will result in the soil being seriously disturbed – so it is vital that archaeologists know what is underneath before it starts.

However unless there is a surprising find under the other side of the Cornhill when the second trench is dug, it looks unlikely that the work will cause major disturbance to any significant historic relics.