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THIS is the first view of the stunning new 350-home development to be built on Stoke Quay in Ipswich.

THIS is the first view of the stunning new 350-home development to be built on Stoke Quay in Ipswich.

Developers JG (Stoke) Ltd have today submitted a detailed planning application for the site at Great Whip Street, including land currently occupied by Grahams Builders Merchants and other business premises.

The buildings on the site will range from two to nine storeys high and, alongside 351 flats and houses, will also include offices, shops, and cafés.

Ipswich Borough Council has agreed in principal to development on the site but this is the first time the details of the proposed new buildings have been seen.

Residents and others with an interest in the proposed development have three weeks to make their views known, and it is expected to be discussed by the borough's planning and development committee at its meeting in June.

The developers have already had pre-application discussions with planners at the council and have made a major concession over affordable homes.

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About a third of the development will be affordable homes for rent or shared-equity purchase.

On this development, the council has agreed that most of the affordable homes will be family houses rather than small studio flats which has been the case in some other developments in the Waterfront area.

Senior planning officer Steven Miller said: “That is a significant concession so far as the developer is concerned and it is something the council was very keen to secure.”

The land has been allocated to housing development in planning documents although there was no outline application submitted before all the details were lodged.

Mr Miller said: “There has been a considerable amount of pre-publication negotiations and we would expect to eventually recommend it is given approval.”

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