Norwich: Could you eat 6.5lbs burger?

NORWICH: If you’re going up to the derby match at Carrow Road on Sunday and end up feeling a bit peckish afterwards, there’s somewhere that will guarantee to fill that hole.

And after a challenge which involved cheating, missing the target on a grand scale and not a little shame on my part I must confess to a grand failure!

There’s a new restaurant opened in Norwich called Over De Flames which offers a �200 reward to anyone who can finish their special burger.

It’s a monstrous creation which contains about 3kg of mince.

After seeing that Norwich Evening News reporter David Bale had failed in the challenge, my editor thought I would be the man to succeed.

Let’s do the maths to start with. Three kilos of beef is more than 6.5lbs. That’s the equivalent of 26 regular quarter-pounders!

Since the challenge was launched at the start of October six people have tried it. No one has come anywhere near eating half of the burger!

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Restaurant owner Sudeep De showed me how the burger was made – and here I cheated big time.

He produced his mince from which he pulled enough to make a massive burger. He shaped it, and then put it in the pan.

He then went back and took out a similar amount again.

“Is someone else having one?” I asked.

“No, this goes in as well,” he said.

“You can’t have two like that in a burger!” I said.

“No there are three – each of these is a kilo of beef,” he replied.

At this point all I’d ever been taught about wasting food rushed back into my head. “Please, just leave it at the one,” I said. “Save the rest of the mince for your customers tonight!”

After a few minutes pleading he agreed – so long as I emphasise that the burger in the challenge is much larger than that shown here. Consider yourself warned!

The bun was smothered in cheese, salad, mayo and barbecue sauce as well as a bit of salad (not enough to make it healthy) and is 30cm – a foot to you and me – across.

It may have only had a third of the beef that it does usually, but it was still formidable. Sudeep cut about a quarter (containing about 250g or nine ounces of beef). I managed just over half.

It tasted very good while it was hot and fresh – as good as any burger – but I stopped as soon as I felt full.

I brought three quarters of the burger back home with me and I’m told it could be heated up – but I’m not too sure about that!

Sudeep opened the cafe/restaurant next to the Castle Mall shopping centre last month, and his eating challenges have taken off.

If you fail to complete the challenge you have to pay �30 for the burger – and you have to book it two days in advance.

And to complete the challenge you also have to eat the portion of chips and drink a one-pint milk shake!

If I visit again on one of my not infrequent trips to Norwich I won’t be ordering the giant burger again – and frankly after my encounter I’d probably prefer one of the other offerings on the menu.

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n Paul Geater – page 14

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