Siblings take on Kesgrave 5K to remember 'absolute rock' dad

Bryn Shuck with his four grandchildren

Bryn Shuck with his grandchildren Seth, Ruby, Finn and Marlowe - Credit: Emma Mildwater

When Emma Mildwater saw that the 2022 Kesgrave 5K run was going to be held on May 1, she knew she wanted to take part as a tribute to her late father, who died on the same date last year. 

Bryn Shuck, who died aged 66, was diagnosed with cancer caused by asbestos exposure in July 2018. 

Although he was initially only given a few months to live, private treatment was available because it was deemed a work-related illness, which his daughter Emma believes helped to prolong his life.

Selfie of Emma, her brother David, her mum Janet and her dad Bryn

A family photo of Emma, Janet, David and Bryn - Credit: Emma Mildwater

Paying tribute to her "amazing" father, she said: "He was just such a well-liked and loved man. 

"He was the best grandad, dad, husband - and we were so lucky to love him and have him love us back just as much." 

Mr Shuck worked in power stations throughout his life, with his last project at Sizewell B, and had been married to wife Janet for more than 40 years. 

Emma added: "She was his absolute rock; they were an unbreakable force. 

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"She had to do so much of his care all on her own, especially during lockdown, but my brother, David, and I were able to come and help near the end.

"We feel very privileged that Macmillan and Hospice at Home were able to help him live out his wish of passing away peacefully at home with us all around him. 

Bryn Shuck and his wife Janet hugging in Christmas jumpers

Bryn and wife Janet, who were 'an unbreakable force' - Credit: Emma Mildwater

"He went downhill after the death of his brother, Steve, who died of cancer a few months before him. 

"Uncle Steve was also a hero in our eyes - he did 19 marathons to raise money for the local community, so this run is for him too." 

Speaking about the idea to run the 5k, Emma said: "Years and years ago I said I was going to do the Great North Run and he laughed at me because I'm not a runner. 

"I never ended up doing it but he kept making fun of me, so when I saw that the Kesgrave 5K was going to be held on the anniversary I thought it would be a fitting tribute

"I know he'd be up there laughing at me. 

"My brother is doing quite a lot of training and I know he's aiming for a time, but I just want to complete it so I can say 'there you go, dad, I did it'. 

"The anniversary was always going to be a hard day but knowing how much he'd smile at this will make it easier."

Bryn Shuck, who died aged 66

Bryn Shuck died in May 2021 of cancer related to asbestos exposure - Credit: Emma Mildwater