'Her spirit is so big it never leaves you' - Ipswich mum dies age 55

Karen Sutton from Ipswich has died

Karen Sutton from Ipswich has died - Credit: Karen Sutton's family

Tributes have been paid to an Ipswich mum described as a "big spirit" who died suddenly at the age of 55. 

Karen Sutton, who lived most of her life in Ipswich, had a profound impact on every person she met, her son Rossanno Graham explained. 

Mr Graham said: "Some people's spirit is so big that it never leaves you. 

Karen Sutton's family

Karen Sutton with her grandson, Cora Graham's son Kemari - Credit: Karen Sutton's family

"She was a people person who loved to speak to people and was friendly and passionate."

This friendliness to everyone meant the former shop worker at New Look in Ilford was missed by so many different people. 

Mr Graham added: "When she went to see friends in Hackney, she would talk to the homeless around there. 

"They told her friends to pass on that they would remember her and I thought that's really cool.

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"She was such a huge personality. I would know what she would say on any given thing. 

"I wanted to share a YouTube story with her recently on WhatsApp and I realised she was not here any longer but I just thought I know what she would say about that."

Mr Graham did not always enjoy that his mum was a "big character" when he was younger and regularly had to wait for her to finish a conversation with someone she met in Primark or when he spent his youth calling with her to her friends. 

"It makes me laugh and smile now," he said.

Karen Sutton

Karen Sutton and Ramesu, Rossanno Graham's son - Credit: Karen Sutton

The family raised more than £8,000 for her funeral after Ms Sutton's sudden death from cancer. 

Her illness was only discovered once she passed away at Ipswich Hospital on December 16. 

The 55-year-old who recently moved to Felixstowe so she could have a garden and a bungalow moved back to the Whitton area after she had pain in her rib and collarbone. 

Mr Graham said: "She had cancer across her whole body and she didn't know. 

"She was in a lot of pain and sometimes the body can feel something was wrong and she acted like that.

Karen Sutton with her kids

Karen Sutton with her kids, Cora and Rossanno Graham - Credit: Karen Sutton's family

"It's really still kind of a shock."

She was also a former volunteer at Mind charity shops. 

"Family and friends have been so supportive across the country and we have really grateful," he added. "Everyone loves her."

Karen Sutton is missed by her children Rossanno Graham, Lucia Graham, and Cora Graham, her three grandchildren, and partner Pat Bridett. 

A service will be held at the Seven Hills Crematorium in Felixstowe Road at 1.30pm on Tuesday with a wake at the Shed by King George V Playing Field in Old Norwich Road, from 3pm till 12pm. 

There will also be a requiem mass at St Mary Magdalen Church in the near future. 

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