'Revolutionary' travelling artist dies at 48

Dan Finch was born in Ipswich on February 2 1973 and has died in Somerset

Dan Finch was born in Ipswich on February 2 1973 and has died in Somerset - Credit: Supplied by Paul Revell

A "creative and passionate" Ipswich-born travelling artist has sadly died at the age of 48. 

Dan Finch, who later grew up in Woodbridge, got his "revolutionary spirit" from his mother according to his close friend Paul Revell. 

He was also "one of the funniest, most creative, passionate, knowledgeable, straight-up down-to-earth and honest people," Mr Revell ever met. 

Dan Finch was a lover of military-style clothes

Dan Finch was a lover of military-style clothes - Credit: Supplied by Paul Revell

"He had a wickedly dark and irreverent sense of humour - his attitude was that people take themselves too seriously, so everything was fair game, including himself," Mr Revell added. 

"At the same time, he had a keen sense of right and wrong, and was unwavering in his principles - he stood up for what he believed in and refused to be silenced on matters that were important to him."

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He attended Melton Primary and Farlingaye High School - and spent time around the nearby military bases, which spurred a "life-long" interest in military history and equipment.

But Mr Revell says: "He was resolutely anti-authoritarian, avowedly anti-war, and actively anti-fascist, and these themes would hugely inspire and feature in his art.

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"Dan’s strongly held convictions were mirrored in both his art and his lifestyle choices - he lived on the road as part of the New Traveller community for most of his adult life, and was committed to supporting the counterculture, and encouraging many others in the community to fulfil their potential."

No Justice Just Us is another of Dan Finch's art projects. 

No Justice Just Us is another of Dan Finch's art projects. - Credit: Supplied by Paul Revell

Under the pseudonym D Fink, he did spray paint, stencil art, sculpture, metalwork, and photography through the Girl Hero Killers of the Anarcho-Feminist Revolution project.

In it, he imagined an anarcho-feminist uprising in his native East Anglia, the defenders of the environment as he saw it, against a patriarchal capitalist oppressor.

He passed away in Somerset on June 13 and had his funeral in Ipswich on Tuesday. 

He leaves behind his brothers Robin and Craig Finch, and his "greatest achievement" his three daughters, Storm, Tempest, and Oona, and grandson Forest.

The family is struggling with some of the funeral costs, so if you can help go search GoFundMe for Dan's Funeral Costs. 

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