Memorial festival for 'the most loving, charming, giving person' Richard Day

The Music Room will host a festival for Richard Day, who was a big metal fan before his death in February 2020

The Music Room will host a festival for Richard Day, who was a big metal fan before his death in February 2020 - Credit: Supplied by the Day family

A memorial festival will take place on Saturday for the "most loving, charming, and giving person" Richard Day in Ipswich. 

His youngest brother, Jakey Day, is holding the metal music event with his family at the Music Room, where he last spoke to Richard. 

Jakey, who will take to the stage in his band Killerkorp, hopes to raise money for Addenbrooke's Hospital, which tried to save his brother's life for 36 hours in February 2020.

Mr Day was walking home from the Music Room when he was killed last year and found lying at Kebapizza, in St Matthew’s Street. 

Jakey Day said: "This night will be something special.

"The last time I spoke to my brother was at The Music Room after one of the best gigs we ever played in our short life span.

"He said how much he was proud of what we have achieved and seeing his smiling face at the back row as we were doing what we love most made my last moments with him so special.

"We want to see as many people as possible, vibing and bouncing to the wide array of music we have to offer, the way Richie would have when he would hear Slayer or Rage Against The Machine when he was five rums deep into a great night.

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"Let's make him rave with us.

"As I know he will be with us in spirit. See you there."

Darren Smith with Richard Day and his brothers at the Music Room. 

Family friend of the Day family, Darren Smith, with Richard Day and his brothers at the Music Room. - Credit: Supplied by Darren Smith

Organiser and events manager at the Music Room Darren Smith said the mini-festival is about friends and family of Mr Day "getting together" and "sharing his love of music". 

Mr Smith, a family friend who is also running the festival, said: "Richard was the most loving, charming and giving person. 

"He would light up the room."

Mr Smith said the 45-year-old control engineer for UK Power Networks would often go to Ipswich Town FC games with his mum.

His love of metal will be celebrated at Dayfest 2021 - Part 1 on Saturday, August 7. 

The line-up features Killerkorp, Elimination, Kemakil, Arms To Oblivion, Beyond Extinction, Edenveil, and Heidi C. 

Doors will open at 4pm. 

For more search Facebook for Dayfest 2021 - In Memory of Richard Day - Part 1.

It is hoped there will be another music event at the Music Room for Richard Day on Saturday, September, 4. 

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