'I still miss him' - Dad and railway worker honoured with Ipswich road name

Dave Farrow

Dave Farrow - Credit: Dave Farrow's family

A dad, family man and railway worker is being honoured with an Ipswich road name by the borough council. 

The new Freightliner Group facility's road off Ranelagh Road will be named after Dave Farrow, who was due to be the depot manager before he died in December 2018. 

This private access road will be called Dave Farrow Way after it received approval from Ipswich Borough Council's executive on Tuesday. 

Dave Farrow Way in Ipswich will be named after the Freightliner Group employee

Dave Farrow Way in Ipswich will be named after the Freightliner Group employee - Credit: Dave Farrow's family

His wife of 18-years, Victoria Farrow said: "He would have loved it and he would have been the proudest man.

"He worked on the railways from 1979 right the way through, for 40 years. 

"His dad and grandad also worked on the railways and we would say if you cut him open you would the word railway on his chest. 

"He was well respected at work and everyone loved him."

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Mrs Farrow described him as a family man who loved work and played a lot of "practical jokes". 

"A long time ago, he nailed his bosses boots to the floor at work," she said. "He was always playing practical jokes on people at home and at work."

She added that his loss is still a "shock" for the family after Mr Farrow died from a short illness at the age of 56.  

Dave Farrow.

Dave Farrow was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer a few months before he died - Credit: Dave Farrow's family

He was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in October and died on December 5. 

Around 25 in every 100 survive this type of cancer in England for one year or more after they are diagnosed, according to Cancer Research UK. 

Only around 10% can have surgery to remove pancreatic cancer, which gives the best chance of cure.

"It's really quite a saving grace that he didn't suffer long," Mrs Farrow added.  

"But we didn't have any of that goodbye time. 

"He was so fit and healthy.

"Just a massive shock and has been very quick.

Dave Farrow.

Dave Farrow. - Credit: Dave Farrow's family

"When I heard, I knew he wouldn't as people don't recover from pancreatic cancer 

"Everybody will know Dave and know exactly what he was, a real family man and would have done anything for his friends. 

"He was very caring and loving.

"I still miss him."

Dave Farrow is missed by his wife Victoria Farrow, and children and step-children, Lynette Farrow, Michaela Farrow, Michael Crane, Lauren Bristow, and Meg Farrow. 

Dave Farrow.

Dave Farrow. - Credit: Dave Farrow's family