Older generation to get bill of rights

ORGANISATIONS across Suffolk have teamed up in a bid to improve provision for the county's older generation by signing a new charter.

ORGANISATIONS across Suffolk have teamed up in a bid to improve provision for the county's older generation by signing a new charter.

The charter, supported by chief executives of all councils across Suffolk, the police and the primary care trust was signed on the International Day of Older People last Wednesday.

The Suffolk bill of rights for older people outlines:

The rights that older people in Suffolk should be entitled to enjoy

The opportunities they should expect, and

The responsibilities and aspirations of those who provide their activities, services and support.

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The move reflects The Evening Star's Golden Year campaign which aims to make sure older people are not overlooked in our community.

Graham Newman, responsible for adults and communities at Suffolk county Council, said: “This is our pledge to older people in Suffolk for now and the future.

“It is a charter to improve lives and the quality of lives of those who live in the county.

“Key to this is making sure that the needs of people who grow older in Suffolk is not only about delivering better care to individuals but making sure their lives are positive and full of opportunities.

“As the Declaration of Human Rights reaches its 60th birthday it is fitting that we are all signing up to this pledge together, on the International Day of Older Persons.”

The Charter recognises that rights and responsibilities go hand in hand with the new vision for care for older people.

It calls for organisations to stop thinking about narrowly defined care services and start thinking about the provision of more enabling services that provide people with the right to live independently

It also seeks shared responsibility for changing attitudes and approaches to ageing between individuals, families, the community, local authorities and the government

The charter also calls for more flexible services and systems that respond in a variety of ways to overcome barriers and enable people to access solutions that works best for them

Members of major organisations in Suffolk, including the business, statutory and voluntary sectors also attended the signing event.

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FOR too long the older generation has been overlooked as people suffer care homes closing, dwindling pensions, hospital wards closing, and not enough carers in the community.

Our Golden Years awareness campaign aims to make sure that the older years really are Golden Years.

We will:

Listen to our older generation.

Fight for dignity in old age.

Make sure older people get the voice they need to raise the topics that matter to them.

Crusade on issues affecting pensioners.

Inform older people about the help and assistance available for them.

Dig out those inspirational stories that show old age need not be the barrier to a fulfilled and active life.

Champion achievement.

If you have a story for Golden Years, call the news desk on 01473 324788 or write to The Evening Star, 30 Lower Brook Street, Ipswich, IP4 1AN.