On the trail to find the pigs in Ipswich

Porkman Road - will he bring food luck to ITFC this season? Photo by Stephen Squirrell

Porkman Road - will he bring food luck to ITFC this season? Photo by Stephen Squirrell - Credit: citizenside.com

A photographer took a trip down memory lane as he walked nine miles around Ipswich completing the Pigs Gone Wild trail.

“We decided to start our trail in Holywells Park – always one of our favourite parts of Ipswich,” said Stephen Squirrell, who is part of our team of iwitness photographers.

Mr Squirrell and his wife Maggie embarked on their mission last week and ticked off all 39 large pigs and 28 of the 30 junior models in one go.

Writing on his blog, he added: “They were quite spaced out around the town and we covered nearly nine miles. We had to go to the railway station, the council offices and even more obscurely Jimmy’s Farm which is about six miles away from the town centre on the way home.

“It was a brilliant day out and we met some great people. Nearly every pig had somebody near it either taking part in the whole thing or just stumbling across one by accident and showing interest.

“The age range of the people with maps on a mission ranged from parents with their kids whose teachers were on strike, teenagers using apps to scan the plaques on their smart phones, working people on their lunch breaks and, most surprisingly of all, a retired couple from Bristol who go all over the country to these things. They have done giraffes in Colchester, elephants in Sheffield – who knew! “

Mr Squirrell and his wife bumped into a woman they had child minded as a youngster and the man who introduced them 40 years ago.

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He said: “A really unexpected trip down memory lane on the Waterfront.”

Other iwitness members have also been on the trail and shared their photos. Upload yours today at iwitness24 For a guide to the trail, see here

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