Orwell Bridge to stay open despite forecasted 50mph winds

Work will begin on the Orwell Bridge near the end of January to install changeable speed limits

Wind speeds on the Orwell Bridge are being monitored - Credit: Charlotte Bond

Wind speeds on the Orwell Bridge are being monitored amid predictions gusts could reach 50mph - which would force its closure for safety reasons.

Highways England, which maintains the road, is often forced to shut the A14 bridge over the River Orwell in case gusts in the wrong direction cause a danger to lorries.

Work is being carried out to install a new temporary speed limit system, so the bridge can remain openly safely in blustery conditions.

But that work is still being carried out - and East Anglian forecaster Weatherquest has predicted that windspeeds on Saturday could reach "45-50 mph, perhaps up to 55 mph". 

Highways England said on Twittter: "The Orwell Bridge is open and no plans to close it currently but we will continue to monitor wind speeds during the day.

"We will update our feed if anything changes."

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