Osteopath 'tried to rape pensioner'

A PENSIONER told a court how an Ipswich osteopath attempted to orally rape her after massaging her injured back.

A PENSIONER told a court how an Ipswich osteopath attempted to rape her after massaging her injured back.

The 79-year-old claimed Owen Bull had assaulted her at his surgery in Woodbridge Road in February 2005 after she had asked him to treat a reoccurring pain.

But on her third visit, the woman, who can not be identified for legal reasons, told Norwich Crown Court that Bull had stroked her face before unzipping his trousers to reveal his penis.

The woman said she feared 49-year-old Bull was going to rape her.

Bull, formerly of Woodbridge Road, denies the charge and also denies three counts of indecent assault and three counts of sexual assault.

The woman told the court that during earlier appointments, Bull had made her feel uncomfortable by asking if the massage “felt good” and telling her she had a “good body”.

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On the third appointment, the woman said Bull had stopped the massage and begun to breathe heavily.

She said she opened her eyes, which had been closed to help her relax, and saw Bull had exposed himself, just inches from her.

She told the court: “I was terrified.

“I felt something going on because he had stopped. I opened my eyes and he had got his penis out.

“I said 'you should not be doing that' and I tried to get up.”

The woman said she paid the £10 of the £30 fee, before getting the remaining £20 from her husband who was waiting in his car outside.

She said: “I gave him (Bull) the money because I didn't want him to say I had made this all up because I didn't want to pay.”

The woman said she revealed what had happened to her husband and said she had told him Bull was a “dirty old man”.

The woman called her daughter and she contacted police.

The trial continues.