Review: Jason Manford, Muddleclass tour, Ipswich Regent, February 15

Have you seen Jason Manford? What did you think? Picture: MARINA THEATRE

Have you seen Jason Manford? What did you think? Picture: MARINA THEATRE - Credit: Archant

The first thing I can say is that it is safe to say the Jason has won a new fan.

From walking on stage Jason’s ability to interact with the audience was clear.

The lack of a warm up act was brilliant, this allowed him to casually gibe and poke fun at the late arrivals and make me ease in to his level of humour.

Once settled Jason was then able to show observational comedy at its best when he moved on to real definition of “muddleclass”.

Whether it be talking about his Glaswegian Geoff on his speed awareness course or his unbeknown to himself four foot waistline, I could not stop myself from laughing.

Talking about how his five kids would embarrass him with there middle-class ways in front of his working class younger brother was comedy gold.

I saw so much of my life in his routine and I think this is what made it even funnier.

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There where two real highlights for me, one being when Jason described why Disney movies are now banned in his house and the second being the moment of realisation that he was overweight.

Overall I can see why Jason has been a staple on the UK comedy scene for 20 years now. His ability to hold my attention and continually make me laugh out loud for two plus hours is proof of that.

The show was brilliant and I couldn’t recommend it enough, if you haven’t done so already get yourself a ticket when he returns to Ipswich in December.