Our tight-knit communities

Tiny houses and schools which stood in the shadow of the gas holders at Ipswich dock, until the area was demolished during the 1960s and 70s, were recalled in a recent Kindred Spirits by Stan Ransome who lived as a child in Albion Street.

Stan, who now lives in Lancashire, recalled how he lived so close to the school that he could dash round the corner from home when he heard the school bell ringing for classes to start. Stan hoped that photographs of the school might be unearthed. I was not able to find any of the school, but the Suffolk Record Office helped with photographs of the area taken in the early 1960s.

Mel Fleming said by e-mail: “I was very interested to read your feature on the Trinity Street schools and the recollections of Stan Ransome. I have often wondered whether there were any photographs of the area, and your feature brought back some vivid memories. I do hope that someone comes up with pictures of the schools.

“My mother Beatrice Burrows, now 86, was born at 33 Albion Place, which was known locally as ‘The Cut’ and used to run more or less along the line of the modern Duke Street.

“She attended both the Trinity Street Infant and Junior Schools. She remembers her teacher Nellie Finch, Miss Hack the headmistress, and many of the children named by Stan Ransome, and was able to tell me where most of them lived. Edna Glue referred to by Stan was a good friend and later work colleague of my mother’s at Harvey’s tailors in Portman Road.”

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