Out-pouring of love makes Amelie’s dream come true

BRAMFORD: Brave tot Amelie Jackson-Ward is today preparing for a magical trip to Disney World after generous fundraisers stepped in to help make her dreams come true.

Her family set out on a mission to raise �5,000 for the Florida holiday after the two-year-old was diagnosed with a genetic disorder which has left her deaf and with deteriorating vision.

But Amelie’s story touched the hearts of the town to such an extent that donations smashed through the target – and sailed on to a whopping �17,000.

Amelie, who was born three weeks prematurely, was diagnosed as being profoundly deaf at just one week old.

Inside six months, doctors had established that she had Type 1 Usher’s Syndrome.

However, shortly after her first birthday, doctors performed an operation which now allows her to hear the voices of her doting parents, mother Debbie Ward, 34, and father David Jackson.

Mr Jackson told The Evening Star that the level of generosity had left his family speechless.

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He said: “We set out to raise �5,000 – which would have been enough to make Amelie’s dream trip come true.

“We were completely shocked when we realised that we had reached �17,000 – people just kept donating money. It is amazing.”

After mastering sign language alongside her older sister, Maisy, Amelie is now taking the first steps in learning braille.

Miss Ward previously said: “Maisy is great. She likes to help Amelie get dressed and she loves being a protective, big sister.”

Over the past few months, her parents have organised and hosted a number of events to help generate the funds needed for the America trip. They include a fancy dress walk in Felixstowe and a fishing competition at Hinderclay Lake which was won by Ray King.

Mr Jackson added: “The fishing match we held at the beginning of this month was amazing – it raised �9,000. I would like to thank Stuart Platt (the organiser). If it wasn’t for him, we wouldn’t be able to take Amelie on this trip of a lifetime.”

The additional money which has been raised will now go towards caring for Amelie in the future.

The 40-year-old said: “The money left over from the trip will now go towards her future care and any treatments she might need.

“You never know what the future might bring, but Amelie will always be able to have whatever care she might need – people’s generosity has made sure that happened.”

The family will embark on their adventure to Disney World at the end of September.

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