Outcry at Loomtip Lake

IT looks like a hundred lorries have fly-tipped a month's worth of rubble.

IT looks like a hundred lorries have fly-tipped a month's worth of rubble.

Walkers have today been left astonished - and angry - and claim work to protect a beautiful area of foreshore has ended up ruining one of the loveliest views in Suffolk.

Along the River Orwell at Trimley St Martin stretches hundreds of yards of crushed concrete lumps and old brick piled up - leaving those on the white sands of the beach feeling they are walking alongside a tip.

But today landowners Trinity College, Cambridge, defended the river wall repairs - exactly the same as what was there previously - and said it will become less noticeable as it becomes weathered.

One walker at the foreshore, reached via a public path leading from Grimston Lane, said: “It is horrendous, a scandal - I was really shocked when I saw it.

“It has despoiled one of Suffolk's best views.

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“All you can see now is this horrible rubble, with house bricks and lumps of tarmac, and shards of glass, mixed in. There are great lumps of wall in it. A classic view of Suffolk has been ruined.”

One big concern are dangerous sharp metal spikes sticking out of the beach below the repaired wall.

Parish councillor Ian Cowan said he was unaware of any complaints about the work.

“The wall there has always been rubble and concrete and this is exactly what we were expecting again. It doesn't bother me in the slightest,” he said.

Tim Collins, a partner in Bidwells, agents for Trinity College, said the river wall - which protects trout fishing haven Loompit Lake, two others and irrigation supplies - had been made of crushed concrete for many years and the same material had been used to repair it this summer.

The materials and specification were agreed and directed by the Environment Agency.

“The rising sea levels are causing serious problems along that area and the important thing is that the remedial works have been done,” he said.

“Erosion had reached such a level there was a danger of a breach. It may look slightly harsh at the moment but once nature gets hold of it and it weathers and is covered in slime and seaweed, it will look pretty much as it did before the work was done.”

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FASTFACTS: Trimley Foreshore

The foreshore area in Trimley St Martin is enjoyed by many families every summer, who love the secluded and safe beach, and many walkers using the River Orwell's path.

Like many other areas of Suffolk's coast, erosion is putting the area under threat.

If the sea wall is breached and Trinity College decide it is unviable to repair the wall, the riverside walk would be lost forever.

Repairs to the river wall now mean the path is double the width and should be safe for several years to come.

The college has just agreed a new ten-year lease with the Suffolk Flyfishers Club, which has leased the 34-acre lake for 39 years, to enable them to continue their hobby.