Owner of Kesgrave Butchers loses phone line to flat upstairs in telecoms mix-up

Rob Bond, owner of Kesgrave Butchers.

Rob Bond, owner of Kesgrave Butchers.

A butcher in Suffolk has said his business will be impacted by a telecoms error that saw his phone line cut off.

Rob Bond, of Kesgrave Butchers in Penzance Road, is unable to make or receive calls and cannot use his card payment machine after his phone line was given to the flat above his shop more than a week ago.

Mr Bond said he had spoken to his provider, BES Utilities, which said the original phone line could not be recovered so a new line would have be connected on February 15.

“They have let someone else take my line so I have had no phone for a week or so and can’t use my card payment facility and it’s important for my business,” Mr Bond said.

“They can’t get that line back now and we have been trading here for 10 years, so it’s an incredible thing to have happened.

“My suppliers have my mobile number so I am able to place orders that way but anyone expecting to pay by card is having to be sent to the cash machine, which isn’t ideal.”

Mr Bond said he had been in contact with the UK communications regulator Ofcom, which said he has a valid compensation claim.

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Joel Chapman, BES Group’s head of regulation and compliance, said the line would now be restored by tomorrow morning and the company would pay the butcher’s next bill.

He added: “Together with our distribution partners we are looking into how this error happened.

“BES Telecom acted in good faith based on the information we received that the line was to be transferred to a new provider.

“BES will obviously be covering all costs and, as a goodwill gesture, we will pay the customer’s bill for next month.”

The butchers will be able to get its former phone number back when the new line is installed.