Parents fear bugs will spread as school relaxes sickness policy

Morland Primary School where parents were told to send their children back to school 24 hours after

Morland Primary School where parents were told to send their children back to school 24 hours after sickness Picture: ARCHANT

Parents and readers have reacted to the news that an Ipswich school has told parents to send children back 24 hours after the last signs of a sickness following bugs, despite the NHS guidelines stating the quarantine period should be 48 hours.

Morland CEVA Priamry school, just off Morland Road, sent out a message to parents stating that their children should return to school as sooner following sickness or diarrhoea, and advised them they no longer need to wait 48 hours.

The text sent out to parents in September simply read: “Sickness – Please leave 24 hours after being sick. Your child can then return to school. This is a change from the present 48 hours.”

We asked readers what they thought about this in an online poll and on social media.

An overwhelming majority - 80% - of readers said that a child should wait longer than 24 hours before returning to class, whilst 20% said they should go back once they have been clear for a full day.

On Facebook, father Mark Jennings opposed the precedence set by Morland School.

He said: “As a parent, I will decide, not the school.”

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Hayley Sheppard Last agreed and said: “I keep my child off for days! Because they don’t feel right they struggle to eat and I don’t want all the other children catching it.

“My kid’s health comes first. I don’t care much for the attendance rating, even my job comes second. Shame more parents don’t feel the same.”

Meanwhile, Charlotte Jones said: “That’s shocking! Totally 48 hours minimum, why spread to others? People are so selfish.”

Debbie Oxbrow added: “Too many parents are sending their children back too soon, therefore this bug is going round in circles.

“My poor granddaughter has had this three times recently, schools also need to look at their infection control and implement sanitiser and strict hand washing prior to lunchtimes.”

Dovile BAtkeviciute said: “48 hours! I care about my children’s health, not school ratings!”

However there were some people who agreed with the decision made by the primary school.

Mark Smith said: “Keep them in school for God’s sake, just give them an early night and get on with it.”

Lisa Hard agreed and said: “24 hours after the last time they vomit.”

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