Parents of crash victim speak of grief

A TRIBUTE by the parents of the ten-year-old girl who died in a crash in Byron Road, Ipswich, has today been issued.

A TRIBUTE by the parents of the ten-year-old girl who died in a crash in Byron Road, Ipswich, has been issued today.

Janet and Michael Dockett today spoke for the first time about the pain of losing their daughter Joanne, who was “full of beans”, and claim that her death has left a large hole in their lives.

She was involved in a crash on August 2 and died less than a week later.

Her funeral will be held next Thursday.

Their statement reads: “Our little Joanne was one of the liveliest children in the street and was someone who was so full of beans she could not sit still for any moment of the day.

“Every day was very important to her and she filled each minute of the day being busy at school, window shopping (which she adored especially as it did not require any money to do), or outside playing with her friends.

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“She was very definitely an 'outside' child and never seemed to have time for indoor things such as computer games and TV watching. What made her happiest was to be with her friends and she would always try to be the best of friends - in fact the only time she was upset was when friends would ask her to 'choose' between different friends. Joanne only ever wanted to be friends with everyone and could not see why you had to choose one group of friends instead of another.

“She loved going to school and left home early every morning to make sure she was there in time for the Breakfast Club and only left school when she had gone to the after school clubs. She especially enjoyed sports at school and loved playing football.

“We were very touched when we received a card signed by the players of Ipswich Town Football Club.

“Not a sad child, Joanne laughed and sang her way through the day. She had a very cheeky smile which lives with us still and we will cherish the things she did and said for a very long time. Her bubbly life meant that she was always ready to be a help around the home and at school. She looked forward to new life and was especially excited by growing things and was always planting seeds. “Her care for the world around her was also shown in the way she loved and looked after her hamster and the family dog.

“She goes leaving a very large hole in our lives and her Mum and Dad, her sisters Sarah and Louise, will keep her memory alive forever. We would like to thank everyone who has sent us cards, greetings and so many flowers to show their care and sympathy. “Each of you has made our pain just a little bit lighter.

“We would also like to thank the ambulance and hospital staff and all those who have provided assistance and support.”