Parents react ‘aggressively’ when confronted over dangerous parking outside Ipswich schools

Cars parked outside Broke Hall Primary School.

Cars parked outside Broke Hall Primary School. - Credit: Archant

Standing outside Halifax Primary School at 3.15pm – the extent of the school parking problem is clear.

Cars were parked on speed bumps, in the bus lane, on residents’ front gardens and on the corners of roads.

Julie Sharman, who works in the Co-op store opposite Halifax, said the parking situation had always been this way.

“More and more people do not want to walk and choose to use their cars – our car park is always chock-a-block,” she said.

Even the school’s lollipop lady said parents often made it difficult for her to do her job when they parked in the bus stop and left buses with nowhere to go.

One mum waiting to collect her child said the parking situation outside the school was “rubbish” and “dangerous”.

“Parents are so aggressive. Everyone is in a hurry, they do not look out for the kids or for other pedestrians,” she said.

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The mum added that if she tried to tell parents off who parked inconsiderately then they would get aggressive and nasty towards her.

A number of people on Facebook throughout our Park Smart campaign have pulled up parents getting aggressive during the school run.

Tina Skinner, who has a child who attends Broke Hall Primary, sent in a picture on Tuesday of a man badly parked across the curb and said: “This man is jumping out of his car to shout abusive language in front of parents and children at Broke Hall.”

A lot of parents agreed that more yellow lines outside the school would help as it would force parents not to park outside the school gates, and others said they thought fining parents who parked dangerously would solve the problem.

Heidi Snowling, a mum waiting outside Halifax gates, said: “I get here half an hour early otherwise you won’t get a space.

“When you’ve got all the cars so close it is dangerous, but there’s no chance of more parking so I don’t know what they can do.”

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