Parents urge drivers to cut their speed

ANXIOUS parents have today warned drivers on a busy Ipswich road to slow down before someone is killed.

ANXIOUS parents have today warned drivers on a busy Ipswich road to slow down before someone is killed.

And they claim improvements to a busy zebra crossing on Foxhall Road have failed to make a difference to the speed of the traffic.

The crossing outside St Clement's Hospital, serves Copleston High School, Britannia Primary School as well as ABC pre-school and parents are worried for the safety of the hundreds of youngsters who use the crossing twice a day.

During the Easter holidays changes were made, raising the crossing and installing two warning humps either side to warn motorists to slow down.

But parents say it has not worked and claim the warning bumps are ineffectual and are only noticeable due to the slight variation in the colour of the tarmac.

The crossing is just metres from the spot where Emma Harold, 26 and her close friend, 25-year-old Kate Wasyluk were killed after a car ploughed into them as they walked home in February. Emma's sister Beccy was also badly injured in the collision.

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Mum-of-two Angie Potter of Princethorpe Road said: “Somebody is going to be killed. People do not slow down. I have driven over the warning bumps before the crossing and not even noticed they are there.”

Beverly Brown, of Chilton Road added: “The crossing is no safer despite the work done to it. The humps either side are hardly visible, I go over potholes that make more impact.”

Amanda Goldsmith, co-ordinator at ABC pre-school added: “The warning bumps just are not big enough, if it wasn't for the slight difference in colour on the road surface you would not know they were even there.”

Emma Hammond, of Temple Road who organised the original petition to introduce the crossing several years ago said: “I am really pleased with the actual hump on the crossing, but the bumps either side are not good enough.

“Cars still come down the road too fast to realise there is a zebra crossing. Their attention is then concerned with the fact there is suddenly a bump in front of them rather than focusing on the people on the crossing.”

An Ipswich Borough Council spokesman said: “The warning humps leading towards and away from the raised zebra crossing should be completed within the next two weeks.

“Similar schemes have proven to be very beneficial at slowing traffic speeds at zebra crossings, providing a safer environment for pedestrians. We hope the residents will be satisfied with the overall outcome.”

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Bigger, more distinctive warning humps forcing motorists to slow down.

More obvious signs warning drivers of the crossing ahead.

A 20mph speed limit enforced.

A pelican crossing, with traffic lights - to force drivers to stop at a red light, allowing parents and children to cross safely.