Parishioners speculating to accumulate

YOU have to speculate to accumulate.That is what financial experts have been telling us for years but today the message comes from a parish church in Stowmarket.

YOU have to speculate to accumulate.

That is what financial experts have been telling us for years but today the message comes from a parish church in Stowmarket.

The restoration, renovation and reordering project committee at St Peter and St Mary's Church has handed a £10 note to everyone in the congregation - in the hope they can make more money.

Fundraisers have six months to organise events and turn the £10 notes into a goldmine for the church.

The church's project - known as the 3Rs project - has been running for 18 months.

The next stage is to replace 12 windows at the top of the nave in the main part of church, at a cost of £96,000.

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Judy Eden, a 3Rs committee member and wife to Reverend Michael Eden, said: “We are hoping everyone will at least be able to double their money.

“We will hold a big service when the six months is up when prizes will be given out to the people who gained the most, and had the most innovative ideas.

“People have started coming up with ideas already and it sounds like it's going to be an exciting six months.

“We handed out sheets of 50 ideas but the more people think of themselves, the better.

“We've heard about events ranging from jigsaw competitions and coffee mornings to rallies and other big events. Now it's a case of watch this space.

“We handed out £1,500 in total and kept it a surprise until the day.”

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Spend £10 on cake ingredients in the supermarket. Bake the cakes, then hold a cake sale. Start with simple fairy cakes then as the kitty increases up the ante and buy more expensive ingredients to make more luxurious cakes - gateaus, choux buns…the list is endless!

Scour charity shops for bargain books, antiques and nick-nacks then sell them on internet auction websites for a profit.

Buy sponges, buckets and cleaning products to set up your own car washing venture. Washing five cars each weekend for six months - charging £2.50 a time - will generate £300.

Join with five friends who also have £10 notes. Fold them into paper aeroplanes and get people to sponsor you to race them

WE ASKED financial experts at Ipswich's Executive Financial Planning what they suggested was the best way to invest the money.

Roy Haddock, director at the Great Colman Street financial planning business, said: “It is a tough question to answer due to the size of capital.

“For a totally secure investment I would suggest cash ISAs available through banks, building societies etc.

“However the return over six months would be poor at an average of 4.2 per cent, per annum - giving our investor 21p tax free.

“At the other end of the scale they could risk it all by purchasing penny shares. At the very lowest they could purchase a 1000 shares.

“These are new small companies raising capital through share flotations and as the cost suggests they are very, very risky. However they may find the next Microsoft Corporation, and dealing costs may hamper their investment.

“All things considered, the best bet is for ten people to club together and buy a National Savings Premium Bond, and then prey very hard - they would have the chance to win a £1million and their capital would be secure, better than the lottery.”

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