Park for as little as £1 or as much as £3

Russian State Ballet of Siberia La Fille

Russian State Ballet of Siberia La Fille - Credit: Archant

Lynne Mortimer tries not to go on about roadworks but it’s a tough call.

This week, I have resolved not to whinny on about the roadworks in Ipswich... not too much anyway.

After all, they have virtually trapped me in the office so I have plenty of time to work on another topic. But one small mention, if I may, and it’s grammatical.

A large notice at the entrance to the tiny street that links Lower Brook Street with Turret Lane gives me “advanced notice”. Unlike advance notice which would tell me about something coming up in the future, advanced notice, I presume is rather more prescient in that it is not just an ordinary or slightly backward notice, it is an advanced, especially intelligent notice. It’s good to know we are pushing the boundaries in our information services.

In the spirit of adventure – never let it be said this Ipswich girl is confined to the town boundary – I ventured to Norwich last weekend where, as usual, the temperature was a degree or two lower than Ipswich. We parked at the Chapelfields mall where the prices compare rather favourably to my own dear town. At £1.20 an hour up to four hours and £8 for four to six hours, it brings home the full horror of a particularly expensive car park (NCP) in Ipswich that charges £3 an hour.

Other car parks are available. As my Ipswich Angle (the borough council’s monthly newspaper) is keen to point out, it has a number of car parks charging just £1 an hour.

But at the NCP nearest-to-M&S car park, a shopping trip of three to four hours would cost £12. In Norwich, the nearest to M&S cost me £4.80 and I parked under cover out of the bitter wind that blows off the Wash. I suppose I should add the cost of travelling to Norfolk and back, so I’m guessing approx 10 miles per litre of fuel and with a litre of diesel approx £1.38 that comes out at... er... eight litres times £1.38p which is £11.04. I’m not going to add depreciation. But, on my simplistic calculation, that means my trip to Norwich cost me £15.84.

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But enough of this treasonable talk.

I may even try out the new Regent car park tonight as I am toddling along to the ballet, La Fille Mal Garde – this is the one with a clog dance – at The Regent.

And if you’re thinking OMG, she’s going to start wittering on about the early ’70s when she worked at the Regent (Gaumont), you’re right. I was an usherette in a Rank Organisation-issue striped candy tunic who worked for the Civic concerts, on Sundays. I still have my programmes signed by conductors Neville Marriner (now Sir) and the late Eduardo Mata. They’re nice but I really wish I’d nabbed the Beatles when they were in town.

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