Partygoing shoplifter targetted Ipswich Co-op twice in one afternoon

Shoplifter stole wine

Shoplifter stole wine - Credit: PA

A shoplifter has admitted stealing wine for a party from an Ipswich Co-op twice in one afternoon.

David Lawrence, of Turret Lane, Ipswich, pleaded guilty to two offences of theft from the Foxhall Road store on May 3.

Prosecutor David Bryant told South East Suffolk Magistrates Court the first theft occurred between 2.20pm and 2.25pm.

Lawrence picked up two bottles of wine worth a total of £10.38 and concealed them in his jacket before walking out of the store.

The 43-year-old returned at 5pm the same day and put another bottle of wine worth £5.19 in his jacket before leaving the shop again.

Lawrence was arrested after a police officer identified him from CCTV footage.

The court heard Lawrence told police in interview that he had gone to a party at a friend’s home in Spring Road around lunchtime. He stole the two bottles of wine and then returned to the party before going back to the Co-op to steal another bottle of wine.

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Dino Barricella, representing Lawrence, said his client was short of money after having his benefits sanctioned.

Mr Barricella conceded Lawrence had an “unenviable record of dishonesty”, but described the offence as a “blip”.

Lawrence was still on a community order for a similar offence in December last year, but had been carrying out his obligations and was now in employment.

The magistrates added a further 20 hours of unpaid work to Lawrence’s community order and told him he would have to pay £15.57 in compensation to the Co-op.

Lawrence was also fined a total of £40, and ordered to pay prosecution costs of £45 as well as a £150 criminal courts charge.