Pc risked life to save couple

IPSWICH: An heroic police officer who risked his life to rescue a couple from their burning home has described his ordeal.

Pc Alex Willson and a colleague were driving along Grimwade Street in Ipswich at around 4.20am on Saturday when they were flagged down by a postman who told them there was a fire inside a home.

The pair kicked down the front door and searched the smoke-filled two storey building to check whether anyone was trapped inside.

In one room they found a couple sound asleep and after Pc Willson shouted to them they woke and were able to flee the scene.

Recalling the incident, Pc Willson, 28, said: “It was pure chance that my colleague and I were passing the house in our patrol car at that time.

“We were waved down by a postman who was pointing to the home and shouting that there was a fire inside.

“We got out of the car and could see smoke in the upstairs rooms. We shouted up there but got no response so we kicked the front door down.”

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As the pair entered the building they struggled to see far in front of them due to the volume of smoke.

Pc Willson added: “The visibility was very low. I was shining my torch around and the beam struggled to reach the building’s walls.

“There were several bedrooms in the building and we checked all of these to see if anyone was still inside.

“In one room there was a man and a woman sound asleep. I shouted at them really loudly three times.

“They woke up and were pretty bewildered about the situation. We were able to get them outside to where the paramedics were waiting.”

Both residents were treated for smoke inhalation by ambulance crews. Firefighters then entered the property to tackle the blaze which is thought to have been started after tea towels were left on top of a cooker hob.

Pc Willson added: “If the fire had been allowed to spread then it could have caused far worse damage.

“It was a lucky sequence of events. But at the end of the day my colleague and I were just doing our jobs.”

Speaking about Pc Willson’s efforts, one of the residents, who asked not to be named, said: “I appreciate what they did. It was the night of Friday 13th so I guess something always happens.”

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