Pensioner brought back from brink

PENSIONER Stanley Bugg is today thankful to be alive.

PENSIONER Stanley Bugg is today thankful to be alive.

But his thanks do not go to fate - they go to a long list of NHS staff who helped him from the minute he fell ill to the minute he was discharged from hospital.

Mr Bugg, 80, was brought back from the brink of death after his kidney collapsed and he fell unconscious.

He was rushed into Ipswich Hospital, spent ten hours battling while doctors stabilised him and then another 12 days recovering in hospital.

Now, despite not remembering anything about the trauma, he wants to express his gratitude to all those who helped.

Mr Bugg, of High Street, Needham Market, said: “Some said I went to hell and back and others say I went to heaven and back, but either way I still have a lot of people to be thanking.”

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It was at 2.30am on January 30 Mr Bugg's wife Margaret grew concerned about her husband's health and called their son Ace.

He immediately called for an ambulance and a rapid response nurse and two ambulances arrived. The crew which transferred him to hospital battled to keep him alive in the vehicle.

Mr Bugg, who has a history of kidney problems, said: “I do not know any of their names but I want to thank them most sincerely - just as I want to thank all the staff who helped me.

“I was taken through A&E to the high dependency unit where, with a couple of setbacks, I was eventually stabilised by around 6pm.

“All the staff in the hospital looked after me in a wonderful way for the next 12 days.

“I say thank God we have the National Health Service with such dedicated staff. I shall always hold them in high esteem.

“I know I slipped away at various times but think the less I know about that the better.”

Staff Mr Bugg would particularly like to thank are those on Brantham Assessment and Observation Unit and Grundisburgh wards, consultant Richard Wyke, junior doctor Tim Baruah and house officer Paul Walker.

Staff gave him treatment to clear his lungs and resuscitated him, then nursed him back to strength over the following 12 days. He does not remember going to bed on the Tuesday or anything up until the following Thursday.

Mr Bugg, who has two sons, Ace and Christopher, and four grandchildren, was born at his home in High Street and has lived there since. He spent his career working at the ICI factory in Stowmarket.

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