Can you pizza together the mystery moon?

A photo of the 'blood moon' in Shotley. Picture: KIEREN SAMS

A photo of the 'blood moon' in Shotley. Picture: KIEREN SAMS - Credit: A photo of the 'blood moon' in Shotley. Picture: KIEREN SAMS

This picture of the blood moon in Suffolk has fooled hundreds of people – can you spot how?

A post on Facebook by 19-year-old Kieren Sams has left people completely confused.

The picture shows the highly anticipated ‘blood moon’ above Felixstowe docks – but in fact it is just a piece pepperoni superimposed onto the night sky.

People on Facebook have been completely fooled, with one person even saving the photo before realising.

Others commented “Wow!”, “great picture” and that it “looks like it’s on fire!”.

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Kieren Sams, who posted the photo online, said: “I just got a little bored and wanted to see if anyone would figure it out! I was only expecting a few people to notice, most people seemed to just think it was an amazing photo of the moon over the docks.

“A few people said they thought something was off, and a few have pointed out that the moon was in a different part of the sky.

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“One friend even said she had saved the photo before realising, but everyone has seemed to enjoy it.”

Check out our gallery of the real blood moon here (we promise there are no pepperoni slices here).

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