Pictures: Cow rescued from muddy stream

FIREFIGHTERS and the RSPCA joined forces to free a cow which got stuck in a Suffolk stream.

FIREFIGHTERS and the RSPCA joined forces to free a cow which got stuck in a Suffolk stream.

Rose, a rare Red Poll cow, became stuck up to her shoulders in the stream near Mill Lane in Rickinghall on Sunday.

Her owner Susie Deakin and two helpers tried to free her, but the cow was becoming cold and tired, prompting Mrs Deakin to contact Suffolk fire service, who then called the RSPCA for help.

RSPCA Inspector Jason Finch was on leave, but was contacted by the officer on duty for advice as he is the coordinator of the Society's national flood rescue team.

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He decided to go and help the rescue effort as he lives just a 15 minute drive away.

After consulting with Mrs Deakins' vet, Inspector Finch decided to attach slings across Rose's back and under her chest whilst Jo Sadler, a family friend, held her head.

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It then took 15 people pulling on the attached ropes to help the cow up the bank. The rescue took an hour to complete.

Mrs Deakin said: “Rose had a calf two weeks ago and she was anxious to get back to her once she was freed. She had only gone to the stream for a drink but became stuck in the mud and the more she scrabbled at the bank, the steeper it became.

“Thankfully, she is fine now.”

“We'd like to thank Inspector Finch who was calm and professional and very happy to help, even on his day off, and also the fire service.”

Inspector Finch added: “I was so near by that I wanted to help with the rescue and I'm really pleased it worked so well and that Rose is now safe and well.”

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