Street photographer captures the faces of Ipswich during lockdown

A woman walking through Ipswich town centre

Ipswich street photographer Charley Shillabeer has been capturing pictures of life in the town centre during lockdown - Credit: Charley Shillabeer

An Ipswich photographer has captured the faces of life in the town centre as time under coronavirus lockdown restrictions continues.

London-born photographer Charley Shillabeer has been venturing into the town almost every day for his daily exercise, armed with his trusty camera.

The majority of shops in the town centre remain closed under the current restrictions, with only those offering essential goods such as food and medicines allowed to open their doors.

A man eating a pasty in Ipswich town centre

Mr Shillabeer captures his pictures during his daily walks through the town centre - Credit: Charley Shillabeer

As such, the only people he has met during his daily ventures include a handful of local shoppers, workers, walkers and homeless men and women.

Mr Shillabeer said he takes photos as a way of bringing together the community during "dark and isolated" times, while helping to preserve the history of some of the hardest times the town has ever faced.

A homeless man in Ipswich town centre

Mr Shillabeer said he wants to capture what life looks like during one of the darkest times in the town's history - Credit: Charley Shillabeer

He said: "In light of the current crisis that the world is facing it has been increasingly difficult for me to do what I love but at the same time all that more important.

"We, as a collective are in the midst of historical events that will in turn shape our anthropological norms. And that is why I am currently bringing my camera with me on my daily walks around town centre.

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"From civil unrest to the simple smiles of our general public, I have been the fly on the wall with no other intention other than to preserve our history as a town in these strange and unpredictable times."

A man holding a cuddly toy on a bus in Ipswich

Mr Shillabeer hopes to undertake further street photography projects in future - Credit: Charley Shillabeer

Mr Shillabeer, who studied at Suffolk New College, said he was first inspired to get into photography after being given his grandfather's old camera.

He said: "Since picking up my grandad's dusty old 35mm SLR at the age of 14, I’ve been obsessed with the art of image making. More recently the sub-genre of the discipline, street photography.

"Street photography is essentially taking photos in a public space – documenting every day moments but framing these snippets of time in a thought-provoking manner."

A man wearing a face shield in Ipswich town centre

A man in Ipswich town centre pictured by Mr Shillabeer - Credit: Charley Shillabeer

Those interested in seeing more of Charley's work, or learn more about his future street photography projects, can visit his Instagram page @scragglemuffphotos.

A man on a bus service in Ipswich

A man on a bus service in Ipswich - Credit: Charley Shillabeer

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