Planning application submitted for 300 homes and primary school in Kesgrave

Kesgrave - Persimmon plan to build 300 new homes

Kesgrave - Persimmon plan to build 300 new homes - Credit: Archant

The creation of 300 new homes in a town on the outskirts of Ipswich will add to traffic misery, residents have claimed.

This comes after a planning application, that has been in discussion for two years, was submitted to Suffolk Coastal District Council this week for the homes as well as provision for a primary school in land east of Bell Lane, Kesgrave.

The original plans, revealed by developers Persimmon Homes Anglia in December 2013 at a public exhibition, did not include education facilities.

This sparked major concern among residents, who claimed local schools would not be able to cope with the influx of new children.

And last night residents had already begun to pose their objections to the redrafted scheme.

One mother-of-two from Kesgrave, who asked to remain anonymous, said: “More houses squashed in. We need a new high school because Kesgrave can’t cope with all the schools wanting to get into it.

“I don’t know how much bigger they want to make this place before the schools over flow.”

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One comment submitted on Suffolk Coastal’s planning website by Dr Junaid Rafi said: “Bell Lane, Dobbs Lane and Ropes Drive already choked with heavy traffic from 7.15am till 9.15am and it takes 25 minutes in [the] morning to reach hospital. Similarly block traffic in the evening from 4pm till 6.30pm. What is the alternative plan for traffic?

“People prefer to live in Stowmarket with cheaper houses and same commute time. It won’t help economy, but put people off buying houses in Kesgrave.”

Persimmon Homes Anglia said the redrafted proposals sought to address concerns raised by residents over traffic and education issues.

Resident Cheryl White added: “I object to the building of 300 new homes in an already overpopulated area. The impact on local roads, medical services and a much loved open space would be extremely detrimental.”

Commenting on a post about the plans in the Kesgrave Community Group Facebook page, one user wrote: “That’s the last thing we need it’s a nightmare with all the traffic as it is.”

Kesgrave Town Council is trying to extend its deadline for comment, which has been given as December 27, in order to “devote sufficient time” to the proposals.

Town clerk Susan Clements said once the deadline was set she would communicate the details as widely as she could so people could be involved in the consultation process.

Suffolk county councillor for Kesgrave, Christopher Hudson, who is also on the planning committee, said he looked forward to listening to all concerned residents and to considering the application in the new year.

A spokesman for Persimmon Homes Anglia said: “The submitted scheme seeks to reflect and address where possible concerns previously raised by residents, encompassing highways and education issues whilst equally seeking to address the shortfall in local housing provision including affordable housing. We therefore hope that this scheme will be viewed favourably.”