Police called after cycle speedway row

AN INVESTIGATION is ongoing today after two cycle speedway riders became embroiled in a row on the track.

AN INVESTIGATION is ongoing today after two cycle speedway riders became embroiled in a row on the track.

The argument between Great Blakenham's rider Chris Osborne and Sheffield's Radek Sieradskikicked off when they both fell off their bikes during a Premier League match.

Referee Mike Legge allowed the race to continue but then an argument erupted, which led to a number of people coming onto the track to break the riders up.

Witnesses at the incident on August 17 at the Great Blakenham track say it was the “most disgraceful scenes seen at a cycle speedway match in years”.

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Both riders received an automatic ban for the next event. British Cycling is now conducting an inquiry about the incident.

Both clubs are likely to face disciplinary action and could be docked Premier League points.

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The police were called to investigate an alleged assault at the track but are not taking the matter any further.

According to reports, residents who witnessed the incident were “appalled” at the level of violence and complained to club officials.

Terry Ashford, Great Blakenham Cycle Speedway Club chairman, said: “We are very saddened by the whole incident. It should have never happened.

“In a competitive, physical sport like cycle speedway, you see this sort of thing now and again but it is not what you want to see.

“We are doing very well and have a good following of youngsters.”

Spectators claimed there was tension between the teams throughout race with Sheffield's Mitch Spear was excluded in the second race for forcing his opponent over the inside line.

Great Blakenham's Leon Mower was also given a match ban for using foul and abusive action later on in the race.

Sheffield won the match in the end.

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