Police found cocaine in Kinder egg and cannabis in Kesgrave man’s wheelie bin

Cannabis was found in Vickerstaff's wheelie bin

Cannabis was found in Vickerstaff's wheelie bin - Credit: Archant

A 51-year-old Kesgrave man must pay more than £500 in fines and costs after police found cocaine in a Kinder egg and cannabis in his wheelie bin.

Ipswich magistrates heard officer discovered the drugs during a raid on Keith Vickerstaff’s home in Wainwright Way on June 17.

Vickerstaff admitted possession of one gramme of cocaine and possession of 93.4gms of cannabis when he appeared before South East Suffolk Magistrates Court.

The offences also put him in breach of a crown court sentence, for which the matter will be referred to Ipswich Crown Court.

Prosecutor Colette Harper said police executed a search warrant on Vickerstaff’s two-bed mid-terraced home.

Vickerstaff told officers he had cannabis in the kitchen and in a wheelie bin in his back garden.

The court was told there was a strong smell of cannabis in the house.

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Officers found 44.4gms of skunk, a potent variety of the Class B drug. The remaining 49gms was herbal cannabis.

Mrs Harper said police also found a gram of cocaine worth £40 in a yellow Kinder egg.

The total value of all the drugs came to £725.

Shelley Drew, representing Vickerstaff, said he had previously received a suspended sentence for a health and safety matter when he had a gas business.

Vickerstaff also had a previous conviction in 2006 for possessing a small amount of amphetamine.

Mrs Drew said her client had historically used all types of drugs including cocaine.

However, the only illegal substance he now uses on a regular basis is cannabis for medical reasons.

Magistrates fined Vickerstaff a total of £200. He was also ordered to pay a £180 criminal courts charge, £85 costs and £20 to the victims’ fund.