Police give bunny to Beckham's family

COPS have dug into their own pockets to spring a surprise on an Ipswich family who lost their pet bunny.

COPS have dug into their own pockets to spring a surprise on an Ipswich family who lost their pet bunny.

The Gooding family, of Chesterfield Drive, Whitton, were left devastated when their pet Beckham the bunny went missing for the second time in the space of a few weeks last month.

However the sound of thumping feet has returned to the household after the police officers who reunited Beckham with the Goodings stumped up their own cash to pay for a new bunny.

Jackie Gooding said her 12-year-old daughter Laura was left very upset when Beckham, a large white rabbit, went missing for a second time in early May. It is believed he was hit by a car and killed.

She said the new bunny, named Roger, was handed to the family be police community support officer (PCSO) Claire Hicks.

She said: “We were really surprised and Laura was over the moon.

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“It was really nice of them to bring the rabbit back the first time but for them to buy a new one is really special.

“Laura was so upset when Beckham went missing the second time.

“She was in tears and kept saying he would come back.

“She is delighted with the little rabbit she has got now.”

PCSO Hicks said her colleagues banded together to pay for Roger and a run so he cannot escape.

She said: “We felt really bad when we heard through various different people that Beckham had unfortunately been hit by a car.

“It was felt we should do something so we bought Roger and a run for him.”

Beckham the bunny, named due to Laura's fondness of football star David Beckham, first went missing from the Gooding home on April 19.

PCSOs Claire Hicks and Victoria Jarrold and Pc Tony Quinton chased the bunny around their beat as Beckham weaved and dodged under cars and through gardens.

Eventually the trio cornered the bunny and looked after her during the evening while they investigated where she lived.

The bunny was reunited with the Goodings but went missing again just a few days later.

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