Police keep a close eye on fans as England crash out

IPSWICH: Football fans reacted calmly to England’s crushing World Cup defeat to the Germans – despite the huge disappointment in pubs and clubs across the town.

Extra police were on duty in the town centre to keep a lid on any potential trouble as people spilled out of venues at the end of the game, but many left well before the end, having had enough as their arch rivals hammered in the goals.

Most were dejected and despondent rather than rowdy, as they made their way through the town centre.

Police said they had not been called to any incidents during the game and the vast majority of fans had behaved themselves following the disappointing result.

The East of England Ambulance Service also reported no major incidents.

A spokesman for the police said: “Most people, after the match, were well behaved and went home – there were no public order incidents that related to the football.

“We’ve had a quite a good day really all in all, considering.”

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Many venues around the town were showing the match on big screens and most places were packed as people gathered in excitement and anticipation to see the game.

By the end fans were left deeply disappointed and drowning their sorrows as their heroes failed again and England’s South African adventure came to an end much earlier than hoped for.

At PJ McGinty’s pub in Northgate Street, there was a resounding chorus of boos as the final whistle went and people left quickly at the end.

“We just fell apart – there was no-one marking anyone,” said customer Alex Davey.

“The goal we scored obviously should have been allowed but we never lived up to our potential.”

Fellow fan Elton Wheeler said: “The Germans were far more organised and harder to break down.

“We were outclassed.”

The pair said they would now be cheering on Ghana – hoping an African side could go as far as possible.

Another pub-goer, Lee Hammond said: “We just didn’t connect with each other.

“They play well every week in the Premiership and then when it comes to England they are all over the place. I think Germany could go all the way now.”

Dejected supporter Mark Smith said: “It was absolutely awful, unbelievable.

“They looked so naive, out of their depth – why we ever thought we could win it is beyond me.

“What would have happened if we met Spain or Brazil?”

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