Police may try out dispersal orders against boy racers

FELIXSTOWE: Residents are being asked to keep a record of night-time nuisance caused by boy racers to help build up a case for issuing dispersal orders.

Police may use the tactic to force the young drivers to move on – if they don’t curb their behaviour.

Officers know though that it will simply send the problem somewhere else, with the customised cars already having been moved from three other seafront car parks.

The noisy night-time gatherings in Convalescent Hill car park have been causing misery for residents of the Undercliffe flats in Undercliff Road West.

Residents say people using the seafront as a drag-strip, shouting and swearing, as well as the revving of engines, banging of doors and screeching of tyres is driving them mad and keeping them and their children awake.

Felixstowe and District Safer Neighbourhood Team has made tackling speeding and anti-social driving on Convalescent Hill and Sea Road its number one priority.

Anti-social behaviour and underage drinking outside Felixstowe Leisure Centre are priority number two.

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Letters have been given to residents asking them to keep a catalogue of the times when the boy racers cause a nuisance, while the drivers have been given information letters about the situation.

Sergeant James Harper said officers wanted to let the drivers know how their actions are affecting the public.

“It’s had some good response. Some of the drivers weren’t aware of how they affect people’s lives,” he said.

“If we do proceed with these dispersal orders, we could give people warnings who are acting in an anti-social manner in that area not to return within 24 hours or they will be committing further offences.

“We can only act on the offences we see. Getting the education across to them is the only way we can solve it.”

Carol Newman, 65, of Undercliffe flats, said: “Last night they woke me up and I was kept up until 11.50pm.

“And the other day, we got back about 10pm and within 10 minutes, they were on the car park.

“It would be good to hear the other side of the story – why do they pick on this car park?”

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