Police officer's bright idea for dogs

A POLICEMAN has invested �15,000 in developing a dog lead which could solve all the problems of dog mess fouling pavements and paths.

A POLICEMAN has invested �15,000 in developing a dog lead which could solve all the problems of dog mess fouling pavements and paths.

Gordon Campbell-Barr, of Woodbridge, has launched his Dogeezlead and is now seeking backers who want to help him to develop the business.

Mr Campbell-Barr, a station sergeant at Ipswich, decided to use his training as a graphic designer to make the product after he became bored while watching his son, Joshua, play football at Kingston playing fields.

He admitted: “It was an atrocious game, I was bored and looking around and I saw all these dogs with their owners struggling to bring all sorts of bags out to use to clear up the mess.

“I thought there had to be something better than that and so when I came home I started sketching and this is what I have come up with.”

Mr Campbell-Barr, 43, has obtained the UK patent for his design and he has had a prototype made by Minima product designers in Framlingham.

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The moulded casing can carry 40 red scented biodegradable bags designed in the shape of a mitten and, when the owner has picked up their pet's mess, they can seal the top of the bag with a device on the lead, and clip it on the side.

They can either bury it in the ground where it will decay within 12 months, or they can put the bag in a bin.

The dog lead has a new style of “brake” button to stop the dog which, says Mr Campbell-Barr, helps older people who have rheumatoid arthritis in their knuckles.

There is also the possibility for personalising the exterior of the dog lead casing with a picture of the pet.

He has teamed up with his former school, Farlingaye High School, where pupils are taking part in a competition with �100 for the winner to design a logo for his company.

Mr Campbell-Barr said: “How many times do you run or walk and step into dog mess? I thought there had to be a solution and now people will have no excuse because the bag will be with them and they could just bury it.”

He has approached the BBC television series Dragon's Den with his idea and he will be attending the Cruft's dog show to continue research and show his product.

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