Police plan ongoing work to tackle Jubilee Park problems in Ipswich

Residents Sue and Sarah Vanriel talk with Acting Inspector Mark Thomas about crime and other issues

Residents Sue and Sarah Vanriel talk with Acting Inspector Mark Thomas about crime and other issues on Surrey Road. - Credit: Su Anderson

Police in Ipswich have said they are making progress in tackling anti-social behaviour around Jubilee Park, after a special dispersal order had to be used last month.

On February 25, police used section 35 of the Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act to move youngsters on for 48 hours, after residents in the area reported young people banging on people’s doors and acting irresponsibly.

But officers from the area have said it is not the solution to the problem, and highlighted ongoing interaction as key to reducing behaviour problems in and around the park.

Sergeant Jonathan Driver from Suffolk police said: “It’s not a curfew it’s just a dispersal order to try and calm the situation down.

“We have to use it proportionately as a preventative measure. There were no breaches and that’s what we want.

“We don’t want to criminalise people, and kids don’t always think they are doing the wrong thing, but it only takes one person in the area who is intimidated.”

In January a day of action was organised in the park alongside partner agencies such as Ipswich Borough Council to talk to residents, and Sgt Driver has said there are two more events in the pipeline.

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Patrols in the area had also been increased, while Sgt Driver said he is keen to see more in the area to help young people feel part of the community.

“At this time it seems to be on the straight and narrow,” he said. “But it is not one of those things you can just step back from. We have got to keep investing time and try to get people involved.

“It’s positive because we have got some engagement from residents and setting up a new neighbourhood watch, and bringing everyone together.

“It’s not an overnight thing but there is lots of positive work, so hopefully with them it will be another nice part of town.”