Police search for dog attack owner

POLICE are today searching for the owner of a German shepherd that savaged a terrier in an Ipswich park.

POLICE are today searching for the owner of a German shepherd that savaged a terrier in an Ipswich park.

Adam Stuart, 50, of Burrell Road, Ipswich, was walking his friend's 13-year-old West Highland terrier, Tubbs, at Whitehouse recreation ground, off Norwich Road, when a German thepherd attacked the small dog.

Mr Stuart said: “I called the police and I thought Tubbs might even be dying, there was so much blood all over the place; it was horrendous.

“I've often taken him to the park without any problems but this Alsatian appeared out of the blue, I had noticed it in the distance vaguely, I'd seen it running around at the far end of the field.

“But it suddenly appeared and knocked Tubbs sideways, I had to jump on to it like a rugby scrum to try and get it off.”

“The dog just shot into him like a bullet.”

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Mr Stuart managed to get the German shepherd off Tubbs after two attacks but he was also bitten on his left wrist by the alsatian and needed a tetanus jab.

The owner of the alsatian left the scene with his dog five minutes before police officers turned up and police have been unable to trace him.

Tubbs has a ruptured stomach muscle and may need an operation.

Tubbs's owner, Stewart Nunn, of Shakespeare Road, said: “Luckily Tubbs has pulled through, he's only a little dog but he's a tough little chap.

“I live on my own and we've been together a long time, we've been through a lot together, it shook me up really badly.”

A spokeswoman for Suffolk police said: “Enquiries are currently underway to locate the owner of the offending dog.”

The dog owner is described a white, 6ft, of a large build with fair to brown hair and is in his mid 20s.

Anyone with information is asked to contact safer neighbourhood team officer Samantha Waight at Suffolk police on 01473 613500.

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