Politicians react to Brown departure

SUFFOLK: Politicians in the region have given their reaction to the news that Gordon Brown will be stepping aside as prime minister.

Former Ipswich MP Chris Mole, who lost his seat in last week’s general election, said he was sad to see Mr Brown depart.

He said: “I’m sure everyone in the Labour party will say a fond farewell to Gordon Brown while looking forward to electing a new leader to take on David Cameron and Nick Clegg.

“Mr Brown is the sort of character who would only want to do that (resign) if it was right for the country and right for the party.

“He had a distinguished period as chancellor which coincided with a substantial period of unbroken growth in the economy.

“Everyone who met him saw a very different Gordon Brown to the one that is portrayed on TV.”

Mr Mole added that there were a number of strong candidates available to replace Mr Brown.

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He added: “There are some very different characters ranging from the Milibands through to Alan Johnson whom the party could look at.”

Bob Russell, the Liberal Democrat MP for Colchester, added: “Gordon Brown’s decision to leave creates a new dimension to the on-going deliberation.

“These are unchartered waters in political terms – we haven’t had a hung parliament for over 30 years and I think the parties are keen to get something sorted in the long-term interests of the British people.

“We’ll have to wait and see what these round of talks bring but our view is clear – the current voting system is corrupt and needs changing.

“But what is currently being offered by the Conservatives is not our preferred option.”

Kevin Hind, who was the Labour Parliamentary Candidate for Bury, added: “Gordon Brown is a man of substance and what he did was valiant.

“But the electorate has spoken and the Conservatives should have first crack of the whip to try and reach an agreement.

“I think it’s in everyone’s best interests to get a government going as soon as possible.”

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