Poll: Anger erupts over ‘tasteless’ display of book on Jimmy Savile in resort shop

A SHOP owner’s actions have been branded “insulting” after he displayed a book about disgraced presenter Jimmy Savile in his store window.

Outraged shoppers accused the shop of trying to profit from the sex abuse scandal after spotting the book in the front window of Poor Richard’s Books in Felixstowe last week.

The book has now been removed from sight after the issue was fiercely debated by Star readers on the social networking site Streetlife.

Speaking on the website, one reader said: “I want to go in to the shop, buy it and the rip the book to shreds in his shop and leave it there.”

Emma H added: “It’s my opinion that all Jimmy Savile souvenirs, memorabilia and books etc should be taken off the shelves.

“No one should be able to profit from this awful situation. If his family cared enough about the victims to remove and destroy his headstone, then surely retailers should follow suit.”

The owner of the shop, Richard Moffat, removed the book after pressure mounted from customers.

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Some agreed that having the book in the front window was tasteless, while others said having to remove it was censoring the shop.

Marc T said: “It seems today that there are too many people who are too easily offended. I think the promotion of Savile’s book is tasteless, but by no means offensive.”

Nick W added: “Are we to now publicly flog him, or put him in stocks and throw rotten fruit at him? Or worse? Run him out of town?

“We do seem to live in a culture where anyone who makes a mistake, or in haste, says the wrong thing, is then publicly humiliated forever.”

The Star approached Mr Moffat about the incident but he declined to comment.

It is understood however that the book was placed in the window in an attempt to vilify Savile – it is not known when it was first displayed.

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