Poll: Can a busy modern mum still find time to wash cloth nappies or are disposables just too convenient?

Baby Brandt in his cloth nappy

Baby Brandt in his cloth nappy - Credit: Archant

Recycling, reducing waste and slashing our energy bills are all second nature to us in this age of austerity and green-thinking.

Samantha Marples and son Brandt

Samantha Marples and son Brandt - Credit: Archant

Yet still we send nearly 8,000 tonnes of nappy waste to landfill every year in Suffolk and collecting and disposing of these nappies costs taxpayers an estimated £800,000 a year.

The average baby goes through 5,000 nappies from birth to potty training, costing parents in excess of £750 per child.

Disposable nappies account for 4% of all household waste produced in the county, and as recycling rates continue to increase this figure will rise - unless drastic action is taken.

This week we meet the mums who have given cloth nappies a go - from the traditional terry squares to more modern, multi-part nappies designed to make being green as easy as possible for mums.

Some are hooked but others soon threw the towel in, opting instead for the convenience of disposables.

What did you use for your children? Are you a cloth bum mum or are there not enough hours in the day to keep washing nappies as well as all your other daily laundry.

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