Poll: Debate starts online after Cornhill proposals revealed

An architects impression of the proposed new look for Ipswich Cornhill

An architects impression of the proposed new look for Ipswich Cornhill - Credit: Archant

Within hours of the proposed design for the Cornhill being published there was a heated debate building up online.

Comments on our website were largely negative – “MMM” said: “If we have that amount of money to spend on the town centre lets spend it on fixing all the many broken things, mend the paths, fill in the holes, and improve the the place overall. The Cornhill is fine now, it’s an open space with flexibility to do many things.”

“Johnny” said: “Disappointing choice – why do we want to level the Cornhill out and what happens to the access down Lion Street and Princes Street either side of this new flat Cornhill? And the tower will detract from the existing attractive buildings around the Cornhill.”

And “Marty” said: “What another waste of Tax Payers money! Why are they spending money on something that does not need to happen?”

However “Mr Tall” put the opposite view: “It’s about time the Cornhill is improved what a wonderful idea. For all you miserable lot who say it’s a waste of money, it’s not as it will only cost a very small amount. It will attract new business and jobs. Ipswich needs some improvements so it’s about time.”

Sheila Broom took to Facebook to say: “Money would be better spent on sorting more shops and better road system.” Her comment was one of many attacking plans to improve the Cornhill.

However Dean Leeks said: “GOOD! It’s about time the Cornhill was revamped. Haters gonna hate. Well down Ipswich!”

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And there were more positive comments on Twitter. Stephen Britt said: “Anything would be an improvement, only concerns so far are width of pavement in front of Lloyds Bank and steps in front of Council (Town Hall).”