Poll: District leader assures shoppers that parking charges won’t go up in Stowmarket. What do you think?


- Credit: Archant

The leader of Mid Suffolk has given assurances that car parking charges will not be raised in the district’s biggest town.

Residents and shoppers in Stowmarket can expect the current rates in the district council’s car parks to remain the same.

Derrick Haley, Mid Suffolk’s leader, talked up the town’s economic prospects and said the parking charges were not a “real problem”.

“There will always be people against the charges and say ‘I do not pay in Needham Market’, but it’s not offering what Stowmarket’s offering,” he said.

“It’s not offering the same, so do not expect it to be the same – if you go to different places that’s what happens.

“We have been pretty good with the charges in Stowmarket, we have kept our promise over the years about not putting them up.

“I hope we will not have to do anything next time – rest assured we will not put the car parking up.”

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Last year the council cut the cost of season tickets from £500 to £300 and extended the time shoppers could park from 90 minutes to two hours for £1.

Mr Haley added: “Stowmarket is doing a lot better than people give it credit for, it has a lot more to offer than some people realise.” He said the town’s cultural offer would be central to it going forward.