Poll: Ipswich’s parking ticket hotspots revealed

PARKING fines issued in just three Ipswich streets have raised at least �42,000, new figures have today revealed.

Ipswich’s parking ticket hotspots are laid bare, as the Star reveals the streets where the most parking tickets were handed out last year.

Fonnereau Road amassed a staggering 823 fines in 12 months, while disgruntled motorists in Old Foundry Road were hit with 493 tickets.

Third on the parking ticket black list is Princes Street with 378 fines in 2011.

Using the smallest possible fine of �25 as a yardstick, the borough council – which has responsibility for ensuring parking laws are enforced – would have raked in �42,350 from the trio of streets, although the actual total is likely to be much higher.

The figures were revealed in a Freedom of Information request made by the Star to the Ipswich Borough Council.

The money raised in fines is retained by the council to help fund its street parking enforcement officers.

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While any surplus raised is handed to the county council to invest in transport projects.

But a spokesman for the borough said there had not yet been any year when the street enforcement department had made a surplus.

And he had a blunt message to motorists.

He said: “The simple fact is that no one will get a parking ticket unless they park illegally.

“If you don’t want a parking fine don’t park where you shouldn’t.”

If motorists fail to pay their ticket – issued for transgressions including overstays at car parks or having no parking ticket – the �25 fine rises to �50 after 14 days.

However, parking on double yellow lines or where a vehicle is deemed to be dangerous carries a �35 penalty which rises to �70 if the fine is still outstanding after two weeks.

Fonnereau Road has regularly been at the top of the list of streets for parking tickets in previous lists published by the borough in recent years.